The March-April 2011 issue of Home Education Magazine includes an interview with Dr. Thomas Armstrong, author of “In Their Own Way,” “The Myth of the A.D.D. Child,” and other books and videos. An in-depth discussion of the practice of labeling children, learning disabilities, and more. Also in this issue you’ll find several feature articles on [...]

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Some of the most radical and free-thinking educational critics of the 20th century said that we go to school to “be instructed on our own inferiority.” Schools As Colonizers: The Deschoolers of the 1960s, by Kirsten Olsen (VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller e.K., 2008) examines the problems of institutionalized education from the vantage of the 1960s’ [...]

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“I could be the Guru of Unschooling, with flowing saffron robes and wearing a garland of flowers in my hair!” ~Earl Gary Stevens While this magazine has never been overtly described as an unschooling magazine, it has always been second only to John Holt’s now out-of-print Growing Without Schooling newsletter as the premier publication for [...]

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The other morning, Myles, our six-year-old, stood precariously with one foot on a counter stool and the other on the counter’s edge. He was writing on the kitchen calendar with a very determined look. I made a mental note to lower the calendar to kid height, then stepped forward to read his entry. “Do nothing”, [...]

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The widely acclaimed author, education reformer, and respected social critic, John C. Holt, went to private schools, but he chose not to reveal the names of the schools he attended because he felt it was irrelevant. He said, ‘… the things I’m supposed to know so much about I never learned in schools.’ In 1981 [...]

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Helen Hegener interviewed Patrick Farenga in 1997. Patrick had worked at Holt Associates since 1981, the year John Holt’s landmark book on homeschooling, Teach Your Own, was first published. He started off as a volunteer, packing books, answering phones, filling subscriptions, and typing up John Holt’s correspondence off tapes he dictated. Patrick became president of [...]

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