HEM’s Questions & Answers - Sept-Oct, 2011 Photographing Kids My friend has a very popular homeschool blog. Several times she has written posts about activities that involved my children and included photos of them. I’ve told her I’m uncomfortable about this but she’s so caught up that her camera is ever present. I hate to [...]

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Home Education Magazine publisher Helen Hegener is a defendant in a lawsuit which was filed against her by Mimi Rothschild, Howard Mandel, and Learning by Grace, Inc. in late fall of last year, based on a short news item which appeared at the Home Education Magazine website in August, 2010. The News & Commentary post [...]

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The May-June 2011 issue features an interview with Kate Fridkis, a grown unschooler who writes for The Huffington Post, and blogs at Eat the Damn Cake. Kate will be joining the HEM staff as a columnist with our July-August issue! From the interview with Kate: “My family. Y’know, they’re weird and normal and opinionated and [...]

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The March-April 2011 issue of Home Education Magazine includes an interview with Dr. Thomas Armstrong, author of “In Their Own Way,” “The Myth of the A.D.D. Child,” and other books and videos. An in-depth discussion of the practice of labeling children, learning disabilities, and more. Also in this issue you’ll find several feature articles on [...]

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HEM’s Questions & Answers - May-June 2011 Child Protective Services and Educational Neglect I received a call from our county child protective service saying we had been reported as neglecting our 6 and 9 year old children. I asked exactly what kind of neglect. I was told that it wasn’t physical and that the person [...]

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HEM’s Questions & Answers - May-June 2011 Peer Pressure from Former Homeschooler We need serious help dealing with peer pressure. We homeschool largely because our daughter, going on 13, is at the top of her field and currently competing in pre-Olympic trials. Her best friend recently quit both competing and homeschooling to attend school. All [...]

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