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  • Nov-Dec Q & A: Late Reader - HEM’s Questions & Answers - November-December 2011 Late Reader We’re relaxed homeschoolers but I can’t relax about my son’s inability to read. He’s going to be 10 this winter. Yes, I’ve read to him since
  • Nov-Dec Q & A: Blended Family - HEM’s Questions & Answers - November-December 2011 Blended Family After a long court battle my husband has been granted custody of his son (12) who lived on and off with his substance-abusing mother. We’re a homeschooling
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  • Intrinsic Motivations for Learning - “As homeschoolers we need to find ways to reach out to teachers and parents who don’t want to see childrens’ 12 years of compulsory schooling reduced to skills training for big business.
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  • Class Dismissed - Class Dismissed is a new movie in production which is questioning whether schools, public or private, are really the best education option for many families, and it will be the first feature-length
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  • Everyday Mysteries - Who invented electric Christmas lights? The Library of Congress sponsors the fascinating Everyday Mysteries collection: Did you ever wonder why a camel has a hump? If you can really tell the weather
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  • Worth Quoting - From a lovely blog called A Homeschool Story: “Parents: choose your battles, pick your subjects, the ones you believe in, the ones that speak to your child; her developmental readiness, his