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Home Education Magazine Subscription Information


Subscription Information

1 year/6 issues - $26.00 (Reg. $32.00 save $6.00)
2 years/12 issues - $48.00 (Reg. $64.00 save $16.00)
Current Issue - $6.50 (sent via First Class mail)
Canadians and other foreign subscribers, please refer to this page.

More detailed ordering information and additional ways to
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Home Education Magazine Ordering FAQ

Home Education Magazine?
How do I subscribe or renew?
When should my first issue arrive?
How can I get back issues?
Do you sell any other homeschooling resources?
How do I change my address?

What do I do if I have a problem?
How do I give a gift subscription?
How do I get permission to reprint?
Libraries, newsstands and bookstores
Additional contact information



Home Education Magazine? - top of faq

Home Education Magazine
ISSN 0888-4633

Home Education Magazine is the oldest, most respected, and most informative homeschooling magazine, available via subscription and in libraries and bookstores nationwide.

Founded by a homeschooling family in 1984 and still published by those founders, every issue includes 8-10 feature articles which address the interests and the concerns of homeschooling parents. This award-winning magazine, produced by our experienced homeschooling staff for over 21 years, brings a common sense approach and reassuring support to our readers in issue after information-packed issue. Our editors, staff, and writers are veteran homeschooling parents with a passion for sharing what works, what doesn't, what to look for and what to avoid. For over two decades this magazine has published writing that has consistently helped families address their concerns about learning, socialization, curriculum, legal and political issues, and higher education. Best of all, Home Education Magazine provides you with a connection to the wider homeschooling community through newsletters, email discussion lists and forums, support group networking pages at our website and much more. In over 25 years of publishing, Home Education Magazine has become a trusted name in homeschooling, providing our subscribers with information that encourages homeschooling families and thereby strengthens the homeschooling movement.

Mark and Helen Hegener Home Education Magazine

Also see our About US page and to contact our staff see HEM Contact page.


How do I subscribe or renew? - top of faq

1 year/6 issues - $26.00 (Reg. $32.00 save $6.00)
2 years/12 issues - $48.00 (Reg. $64.00 save $16.00)
Current Issue - $6.50 (sent via First Class mail)
Canadians and other foreign subscribers, please refer to this page.

Subscribing is easy with our convenient Subscription Form; order a subscription as well as recent single issues. To renew your subscription, please use our Renewal Form. Recent single issues also available here. If you need assistance, please send a message with our Orders Help Form.


When should my first issue arrive? - top of faq

It takes 6-8 weeks for your new subscription to begin. Our magazine is mailed to you 2 weeks prior to the cover months (for example, your Jan/Feb issue is mailed to you in mid-December). If you have not received your first issue after 8 weeks, please contact Orders to inquire about the status of your subscription. For your convenience subscription expiration information is printed on all mailing labels (e.g. Last Issue: May-Jun/09).

Many readers order the current issue to arrive first class at the same time they order a subscription. Form here.


How can I get back issues or missed issues? - top of faq

Check out our listing of available back Issues.


Do you sell any other homeschooling resources? - top of faq

Besides subscriptions and single issues HEM also offers subscriptions packages, back issue packages and books. See our HEM Store for more details.


How do I change my address? - top of faq

There are several ways to change the address on your Home Education Magazine subscription:

Send us both your old address and new address via our Orders Contact form

Send your old address and your new address to:
Home Education Magazine
Post Office Box 1083
Tonasket, WA 98855-1083

See Additional Contact Information for phone and mail. Please note that it takes a few weeks to process your new address, so send us your new address as soon as possible, and include the date the new address will become effective. If an issue is missing due to our error or postal problems, write us and we will replace the issue at no cost. We will not replace issues missed because changes of address were not sent to our office - these issues can be purchased as single issues at $6.50 each postpaid.


What should I do if I have a problem with my subscription? - top of faq

If you ever feel there is a problem with your subscription, please contact Orders.


How do I give a gift subscription? - top of faq

A subscription to Home Education Magazine makes a wonderful gift, and a gift subscription costs only $26.00 (regular price $32.00). To give Home Education Magazine as a gift, simply send the name and address of each person on your gift list, along with a check or credit card information for the total number of subscriptions, via the communication routes outlined above.


How do I get permission to reprint an article featured in HEM? - top of faq

To inquire about permission to reprint, email Managing Editor Helen Hegener at Editor-in-Chief or write to us at PO Box 1083, Tonasket, WA 98855-1083.


Libraries, Newsstands and Bookstores - top of faq

Because of the considerable costs and expenses involved, bookstores and newsstand distribution have never been a primary focus for distribution of Home Education Magazine. We have, however, worked to ensure widespread distribution to public libraries all across the U.S. If your local public library does not have a subscription, please suggest they consider subscribing for their homeschooling patrons. We would be pleased to send them a sample copy for review upon request.


Additional Contact Information - top of faq

Home Education Magazine
Post Office Box 1083
Tonasket, WA 98855-1083
Phone: 800-236-3278 or 509-486-0453
E-mail Form Contact HEM Orders
Advertising Rates: Contact: Imagine Advertising Group - Barb Lundgren - 3013 Hickory Hill - Colleyville, TX 76034 - Phone: 817-540-6423, FAX: 817-545-3599 - Barb Lundgren.
Also See: Contact Us for a complete list


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