Super Teacher Worksheets provides hundreds of free printable files of worksheets, practice sheets, fun activities and other pages for math, reading, writing, spelling lists, science and social studies, phonics, grammar, holidays, puzzles and brainteasers, and many other subjects, ranging from kindergarten through eighth grade, presented in a simple, no-nonsense manner and with delightful extras such as craft projects and patterns, sticker charts, teaching tips and ideas and much more. While the files are presented primarily for teachers, the site clearly states that homeschool families are welcome to use them also. An excellent resource for any homeschooling families looking for supplemental study materials in a wide range of categories and topics. Super Teacher Worksheets even has a friendly and helpful Facebook page!

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One Response to “Super Teacher Worksheets”

  1. Debra says:

    I just wanted to take the time to let you know this is a great web site, I have a 11 year old Grandson That lives with me
    My Daughter his mother has passed.
    And yes he is 11 years old but mentaly he is 4 maybe 4 an half.
    Autism, and so much more, And I have been looking all over the internet about homeschooling, something that would help both of us, because I knew nothing about Autism until I was blessed to get him.
    I have took classes, done every thing I could to learn more, but you do that every day any way being with him.
    And your web site covers so much, covers every thing I would need to know to teach he, know how to help and reach him, just by pulling up one of the programs that he really likes here on the site, but thats about every one, Please never close it, he has already seen and gone though it, and loves it.
    Have a Happy Easter.
    Thank you and may God bless you all.

    Camp & Wilson Family

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