Families on the Road (FOTR) is for families who are on the road fulltime, on extended road trips, or who are just daydreaming about traveling. Some families travel because their occupations require mobility, such as construction, telecommunications, and entertainment. Others have traded in fast-paced careers for a life on wheels - maybe for a year, maybe for a lifetime! FOTR is a diverse group, composed of various cultures, economic brackets, occupations and lifestyles. An especially helpful part of the site is the extensive resource section on Roadschooling.

The focus of Families on the Road is topics such as choosing an RV that can accommodate a family, meeting the demands of a traveling occupation, raising children on the road, and the all-time number one question “What about school?” The goal is to share what traveling families have learned and to enable everyone to contribute their own experiences, ideas and knowledge.

The new Families on the Road Blog Carnival is a monthly gathering of blogs by traveling families, and the first collection focuses on the question most often heard when families are considering a travel lifestyle: “How will my children make friends?”

The FOTR web site is maintained by Kimberly Goza, and is constantly updated with the contributions of many traveling families who bring with them a wide variety of fulltime experience. Kimberly has been traveling fulltime with her family (a.k.a. The Activated Storytellers) since 1992, promoting multicultural folktales with an act!vated flair!

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2 Responses to “Families on the Road”

  1. Margie Lundy says:

    We love the FOTR site! Super helpful to our traveling family!

  2. Heidi Ahrens says:

    So glad I found this article. Will go check out your site right away. That is my ultimate goal to hit the road with the kids and homeschool. It also fits well with my other website as well Outdoor Baby Network

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