“…Engineering provides ‘academic glue’ by linking math and science to real-world experiences, encourages creativity by promoting innovation and problem-solving skills, and enhances team-building and communication.”

Rebecca Rupp’s Engineering for Everybody, which ran in the Sept-Oct, 2009 issue of Home Education Magazine, is a delightful look at how homeschoolers can embrace engineering across the curriculum, including that trusty old favorite: “A prime resource for engineers of practically all ages is a set of Legos…”

Read Rebecca’s resource and inspiration-filled column online, free, at the link above. “If you’re homeschooling you should be reading Home Education Magazine!” Subscribe today and support the magazine that has supported homeschooling since 1984!

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HEM political analysts and homeschooling parents Larry and Susan Kaseman write about an important and timely topic in the current January-February issue of Home Education Magazine: Beware of Privatization of Education: It Reduces Our Homeschooling Freedoms:

“Privatization of education means transferring taxpayers’ dollars designated for public education to private institutions, corporations, and/or individuals instead of to public schools. Examples include … 4) money given by school districts to homeschooling parents to cover homeschooling expenses in exchange for the parents’ agreeing to comply with public school standards and state-mandated testing.”

Privatization of education is the topic of a New York Times opinion page for January 5, which includes arguments for and against the idea of state tax credits for homeschoolers: Do Homeschoolers Deserve a Tax Break?

The Kasemans caution:

“Homeschoolers can’t assume that as long as they as individuals refuse to accept government money or favors, they won’t be required to comply with state regulations written for homeschoolers who do accept them. ”

Continue reading Beware of Privatization of Education: It Reduces Our Homeschooling Freedoms by Larry and Susan Kaseman in the current issue. Subscribe to Home Education Magazine and stay informed about current events in homeschooling, and empowered to help protect the rights of homeschooling families!

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Not interested in providing music lessons for your children, but still want them to have some appreciation for the music of the world? Here are 33 ways to delve into music history, composers, famous songs, instruments, and musical genres using the senses of hearing, sight, taste, and even humor! For example:

Compare an orchestra and a band. What is different in the makeup of each group? How does their music differ? What types of events are each used at? Would a military band get the same effect if they used stringed instruments instead of brass?

Continue reading Music Without Music Lessons: 33 Ways to Explore and Enjoy Music by Robin Phillips, in the January-February, 2011 issue of Home Education Magazine. Find inspiring ideas and encouraging writing in every issue of HEM. Subscribe today for yourself or for a friend!

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Tamra Orr has written for this magazine for many, many years, and she’s been a regular columnist since 2005, writing ‘Learning 101′ about homeschooling from the heart, as she and her husband, Joseph, raise four unschooled youngsters, Jasmine, Nicole, Caspian, and Coryn. Tami is also a writer and editor of hundreds of books on a myriad of topics. Her current homeschooling title, Asking Questions, Finding Answers (HEM Books, 2010), is a helpful guide to discovering what works for homeschooling families. In this issue co-publisher Helen Hegener interviewed Tamra, asking questions about her family, her writing, her thoughts on the challenges facing homeschoolers, and supporting older homeschoolers who are moving out into the world.

Continue reading An Interview with Tamra Orr by Helen Hegener, in the current January-February, 2011 issue. Subscribe today at our special rates and save $6.00 on a one year subscription, or save a whopping $16.00 on a two year subscription! Home Education Magazine makes a thoughtful gift for a special homeschooling friend!

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The Jan-Feb, 2011 issue of Home Education Magazine includes an Interview with author and HEM columnist Tamra Orr discusses writing, homeschooling, and how families can find their own approaches to living and learning together. Articles on sustaining homeschooling over the long haul, trying school, writing, reading, music lessons, and The Great American Road Trip provide great reading! The columns for this issue include Laura Weldon’s column in which homeschoolers answer the questions homeschoolers ask, Rebecca Rupp explores the wonderful world of eyeglasses, David Albert shares his adventures in learning to garden successfully, and Larry and Susan Kaseman explain the concerns regarding privatization of education, how it would affect homeschooling families, and what we can do to minimize the damage. Also HEM publisher Helen Hegener on unschooling (stay tuned for more on that).

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As 2010 draws to a close we’d like to wish all our friends and readers a very Happy New Year, and this is a great time to check out the almost three decades of Home Education Magazines available in our archives and back issues - a vertible history of homeschooling can be found in our articles, columns, interviews, letters, and even the resources!

The HEM Back Issue Sale offers 6 issue packages at $15.00 each postpaid, which saves $11.00 off the regular price!

Every issue includes several feature articles, an interview, and columnists writing about a homeschool father’s perspective, political awareness and action, questions and answers about homeschooling, great homeschool resources and much more!

Order back issue packs by year, in popular themed packages or create your own packs by checking individual issues. Our themed packages have been selected with related articles on topics such as Arts & Music, Humor, Reading & Writing, Unschooling, Science & Math, Special Needs, Eclectic Learning, Foreign Languages and many more.

Mix and match and order full year packages for the years which are still available, or buy single issues from 1989 through the end of 2010.

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