Heather Idoni, a homeschooling mother, originator of HomeschoolingBOYS and owner of Beloved Books (home of the Sugar Creek Gang audio series), is a speaker on homeschooling topics at conferences and curriculum fairs. Heather edits The Homeschooler’s Notebook, and also manages EasyFunSchool as well as several other websites and homeschooling email groups.

Heather has also been the target of an ongoing campaign by Mimi Rothschild to discredit her for taking a principled stand against Mimi’s notoriously unethical business practices, and now Heather is embroiled in a lawsuit brought against her by Mimi.

A short excerpt (click the link above to read Heather’s post in it’s entirety):

While I was not surprised to be threatened with a lawsuit by Rothschild, I was completely taken aback to find out, by Mimi’s own admission, that (supposedly as a result of my newsletter issue last August), there were at least 4 major homeschool conferences who refused to allow one or more of her companies to be vendors at their major state conventions recently. Some of these she had been admitted to in past years; at least one had already accepted her application and payment. I have never spoken or had any correspondence personally with any of these decision makers — I can only believe that they made their decisions based on what they read independently on the Internet; heartrending stories of despair and desperation from Christian homeschooling families who realized, too late, that they had been taken.

So now, glory to God, I get to go to court!

Heather’s original Homeschool Fraud Alert, August 13, 2009.

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6 Responses to “A Lawsuit from Mimi”

  1. Mimi Roth schild says:

    Heather Idoni of Beloved Books has been sued for defamation, libel and slander by Learning By Grace, a leading provider of homeschooling programs. Learning By Grace has been providing homeschooling programs to tens of thousands for almost 10 years. Many families return year after year with some in their 5th or 6th year with LBG. Learning By Grace offers over 150 full year online Christian courses to homeschoolers.

    Heather Idoni will stand trial before a jury while she attempts to explain why she posted false and misleading statements about Learning By Grace in a August 13, 2009 blog. Thus far, Heather Idoni’s defense seems to consist solely of her claim that the statements she made are true. However, Heather Idoni seems to base her insistence that LBG is a scam based on anonymous postings on the internet. This would be like someone writing a complete lie about you and then someone else citing that their statement as the proof that the lies are true.

    Heather Idoni apparently relied in large part on Helen Hegener’s posting under a headline about these companies Taking Over Homeschooling. The majority of the posts on Helen Hegener’s page are from anonymous posters whose story or identity cannot be verified. For over 5 years now, various LBG representatives have tried to communicate to Helen Hegener about her false and misleading statements and clever demeaning innuendos on that page. LBG has even invited Helen and Mark Hegener, as they did with Heather Idoni, to visit the LBG offices at LBG’s expense to prove that they are running an honest and conscientious business that puts the customer first in every way. Both Helen Hegener and Heather Idoni refuse to visit the offices, staff and principals of Learning By Grace but they also refuse to communicate so that their ongoing misrepresentations can be corrected. In fact, Helen Hegener characterizes any form of communication from anyone from LBG as “threatening” and “harassing.”

    Learning By Grace is committed to providing outstanding online homeschooling programs. If anyone has ever been disappointed with our services or unable to reach us, please send an email to memberservices@learningbygrace.org so that we may immediately investigate and correct your concern.

    If Helen Hegener is interested in journalistic integrity and telling the truth to her readers, why won’t she allow Learning By Grace to show her the truth about their non profit organization? Why does Ms. Hegener continue to mislead the public even in the way she handles the notice of Heather Idoni’s lawsuit by claiming we are engaging in an “ongoing campaign” to “discredit” Ms. Idoni. LBG brought the lawsuit to hold Ms. Idoni accountable for telling lies on her blog, lies that have devastated a lot of innocent people. LBG asked politely in both a telephone conversation and email, but sadly, Ms. Idoni continued on with her defamatory actions.

    LBG is committed to the showing the public that 1) if you have ever had a problem with any of our Academies, we stand ready to make it right for you now without excuse or delay and 2) false and misleading statements that tear down the decades long stand for homeschooling that the founders of LBG have taken will not be ignored because we believe those homeschooling freedoms are precious and worth fighting for.

    We would also think it is relevant to make the reader of this post aware that several days after the tragic death of the LBG founder’s 24 year old son, this June 2010, Mimi sent a message to Helen through Facebook requesting that in light of her unbearable pain at this unimaginable loss, that Helen please remove the outrageous page about her “Taking Over Homeschooling.” Helen Hegener refused Mimi’s request.

    • Kathy says:

      Ms. Rothschild, considering part of your legal case is that your husband is suing Ms. Iodoni for “loss of consortium” with you, might I suggest that the problem does not lie with Ms. Iodoni but with you personally. If you can’t fulfill your responsibilities as a wife due to your business interests then something is wanting in your personal conduct.

      Your companies have a well documented problem with customer service. These problems have been documented for years for several companies under your control, some of these problems involve fraud as well as financial trickery. You, madam, are a wolf in sheep’s clothing in the homeschooling community and I am sure once Ms. Iodoni provides her documentation in court that includes many and varied reputable sources, you will be shown for what you are.

  2. Andrea says:

    I haven’t read Ms. Idoni’s posts, but I have read others. I also witnessed responses by Ms. Rothschild to be very unprofessional and a bit infantile. That alone would keep me from using any of Ms. Rothschild services.

    The page long comment preceding mine speaks for itself.

  3. Owensmomma says:

    Christians don’t sue other Christians. Obviously, Mimi, you are no Christian. Shame on you.

  4. Maria says:

    Mimi is NOT a Christian and is far from honest. She is a money hungry scam artist who refuses to take the blame for her own actions that have led to things like being refused entry to homeschool conventions. Instead of looking at herself and the so called company she runs and fixing all the problems, she rather blame other people, sue them for more money, then go on to the next scam. I feel sorry for the innocent children enrolled in her programs that are receiving a less than adequate education.

  5. Mimi Rothschild says:

    If anyone has any knowledge of anyone who has ever been enrolled in any of the Learning By Grace Academies and has not been satisfied with the way they were treated, please direct them to contact me personally at mrothschild@gmail.com I will do my very best to take care of anyone who contacts me. Please provide me with your name and the Academy and dates you were enrolled as well as your problem/concern.

    If anyone knows me personally and feels that I have done something to offend you, please know that I am willing to hear what I have done to offend you and I will stand corrected if appropriate. Please contact me and tell me what I have done so that I may seek your forgiveness.

    We have been invited to dozens of homeschool conventions but several refused our application citing the defamatory postings made by Heather Idoni and Helen Hegener as the reason. This is just one example of the way that cyberbullies can harm their victims.

    We are pleased to be celebrating our 10th year of providing homeschooling Academies and FREE resources to tens of thousands of families.Our families return year after year because their needs are met. While we are not perfect, our staff works very hard to give their all.

    Thank you.

    Yours Truly,
    Mimi Rothschild

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