I’m launching into blogging again, and this time I’m also launching my 11-year-old son into blogging. He’s had a blast posting his beach and soccer pictures, as well as video of his performance singing and playing guitar at the VaHomeschoolers Talent Show. So far, we’ve made his blog available only to family and friends, but he’s enjoyed the process so much. He’s learned new computer skills and has a sudden urge to get apostrophes and capitalization right. He’s also documenting some of the important passages in his life: a back flip on the trampoline, being buried in the sand by his cousins.

A lot of homeschooled kids are blogging. Information about kids blogging and a regularly running Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival are over at Julie’s Homeschooling-Ideas.com. The June carnival features great photos and pictures of a kid-created Five Star Chicken Hotel, dead honest book reviews of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, and a little girl’s news about having horse camp at home. These and many other posts reveal a vibrant and literate community of homeschooled kids having fun, learning a lot, and using technology to share their lives.

Julie’s going to keep entries open for the July Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival a few extra days, if your children want to add their blogs. She’ll add anyone who gets a post in before August 3.

Of course I’m thrilled to have my son on a parallel blog course with me, but we all know that I have a secret motive: now that I’ve gotten him started, he’ll quickly outpace me technologically, and I’ll soon have him to turn to as a source of html and trouble shooting.

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