Over the years Home Education Magazine has consistently offered glimpses into the lives of homeschoolers via articles written by many and closer looks via one on one interviews. Here are a few of those interviews along with a few updated resources.

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In these tough economic times, Kathy Ceceri’s Hands-On Learning Column is just one more jewel that can be found within Home Education Magazine. In each column, Kathy offers easy to find resources and combines them with projects that are sure to inspire many hours of hands-on learning. For example, in the January-February Issue of HEM, [...]

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We recently had a large snowstorm and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the different colored birds gather at our feeder. Their beautiful feathers against the bright, white snow left a picture that has lingered in my mind all day and inspired me to see what type of “bird resources” I might find in past issues of [...]

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Many homeschool families are familiar with Cafi Cohen’s books on homeschooling. Not only is Cafi the author of several homeschool books, she was also a columnist for Home Education Magazine for a few years and many of her excellent articles can be accessed online.

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Becky Rupp’s Good Stuff Column has been a part of Home Education Magazine for many years. Her excellent finds over the years and those she will be including in the future are resources that can be enjoyed by the young and old alike. We have often used them as starting points for unit studies at our house.

I thought I’d show you just what I mean by looking at one of the earliest Good Stuff columns that HEM shares online, All Aboard!

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