The Hopi Indians of Arizona believe that our daily rituals and prayers literally keep this world spinning on its axis. For me, feeding the seagulls is one of those everyday prayers. ~~Brenda Peterson Kids are Naturals at Nature From the time they can walk, children love to explore each blade of grass and every tiny [...]

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Mary Nix revisits some old favorite books from one of Home Education Magazine’s retired book reviewers, Joan Torkildson. Many classics and well-loved books in this collection, and plenty of great resources for homeschooling families.

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In these tough economic times, Kathy Ceceri’s Hands-On Learning Column is just one more jewel that can be found within Home Education Magazine. In each column, Kathy offers easy to find resources and combines them with projects that are sure to inspire many hours of hands-on learning. For example, in the January-February Issue of HEM, [...]

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Recently I found a website from Nova, Be an Archaeologist that I shared at the HEM Guide to Resources Blog. Many years ago my family took part in a dig thanks to a National Park Program that is not far from our home. We are big fans of history to begin with, so to be a part of such an event was memorable to say the least. This got me to wondering what resources HEM might have on the subject and it didn’t take me long to find one.

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We recently had a large snowstorm and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the different colored birds gather at our feeder. Their beautiful feathers against the bright, white snow left a picture that has lingered in my mind all day and inspired me to see what type of “bird resources” I might find in past issues of [...]

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There are so many ways that we learn about history on a daily basis. The radio, newspaper, television, Internet, friends, neighbors and family. Occasionally we even pick up a history text book, but most of the history we enjoy and remember has come from real life, real places and from biographies. My family has always [...]

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If a man is at once acquainted with the geometric foundation of things and with their festal splendor, his poetry is exact and his arithmetic musical. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Home education allows the individual who is not a fan of math to see that the subject goes far beyond the math text book. There [...]

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A word is not a crystal, transparent and unchanged; it is the skin of a living thought, and may vary greatly in color and content according to the circumstances and the time in which it is used. -Oliver Wendell Holmes Many new homeschool parents often ask when their child  will learn to write?   Just like [...]

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“Reading is not a duty, and has consequently no business to be made disagreeable.” -Augustine Birrell I read many books as a child, but I think I have enjoyed many of them twice as much when I read them with my children. Homeschooling gave us ample time to read countless books, taking our time to [...]

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Children are natural scientists, always exploring, investigating and gathering information from the world around them. Linda Dobson described this process in her 1999 November-December HEM Column, Early Years Child’s Learning Assets. With childhood energy flowing, imagination and creativity turn your child into a learning scientist who puts the information he’s gathering to the test. He’ll [...]

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