Deschooling is the word that describes the transition from school to a life of educating ourselves. It is usually the parents who need a helping hand in trusting their own children. That is because we have all been told that children need to be forced to learn, that school is the only place it happens, [...]

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Mary Nix revisits some old favorite books from one of Home Education Magazine’s retired book reviewers, Joan Torkildson. Many classics and well-loved books in this collection, and plenty of great resources for homeschooling families.

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Recently I found a website from Nova, Be an Archaeologist that I shared at the HEM Guide to Resources Blog. Many years ago my family took part in a dig thanks to a National Park Program that is not far from our home. We are big fans of history to begin with, so to be a part of such an event was memorable to say the least. This got me to wondering what resources HEM might have on the subject and it didn’t take me long to find one.

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Many homeschool families are familiar with Cafi Cohen’s books on homeschooling. Not only is Cafi the author of several homeschool books, she was also a columnist for Home Education Magazine for a few years and many of her excellent articles can be accessed online.

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Becky Rupp’s Good Stuff Column has been a part of Home Education Magazine for many years. Her excellent finds over the years and those she will be including in the future are resources that can be enjoyed by the young and old alike. We have often used them as starting points for unit studies at our house.

I thought I’d show you just what I mean by looking at one of the earliest Good Stuff columns that HEM shares online, All Aboard!

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If a man is at once acquainted with the geometric foundation of things and with their festal splendor, his poetry is exact and his arithmetic musical. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Home education allows the individual who is not a fan of math to see that the subject goes far beyond the math text book. There [...]

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Blogging is a growing phenomena on the internet. Wikipedia describes a blog as follows: A blog (an abridgment of the term web log) is a website, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. [...]

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Many homeschool parents know that games are not only fun, but that they are also a great learning tool. We played games almost daily when my children were young. They loved playing Husker Du?, Chutes and Ladders, hide and seek, marbles or games that they had invented themselves. When we purchased our first computer, they [...]

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Teach your kids the basics of locating good books. Make certain they can use the library card catalog to find material on favorite subjects and by favorite authors. Most kids discover that if they like a certain book, a second book by the same author will probably appeal to them just as much. But often [...]

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I learned to snoop out free resources wherever they may be hiding in order to provide my children with a quality education while still being able to buy groceries. -Kathryn Frazier - Homeschooling for Free - Home Education Magazine September-October 2007 Where can you find the best resources for your child without breaking your budget? [...]

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