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About Us

Home Education Magazine provides focused and extensive coverage of homeschooling and the issues of importance and concern to homeschooling families, advocates, and supporters. HEM has also been turned to as a source of information about homeschooling by legislators, educators, researchers, and the media.

Since 1984, Home Education Magazine has brought homeschooling parents the most timely articles, in-depth interviews, and regular columns about the issues homeschoolers deal with; and the joys of a family life that homeschooling makes so easy.

Through the HEM blogs, forums, and social networking connections like Twitter, FaceBook and other social networking media, we take a dynamic and interactive approach to exploring issues of importance to homeschooling families, and networking homeschoolers for communication, support and encouragement, and HEM's respected presence serves as a point of reference and important information when homeschooling freedoms are challenged.

The HEM back issue archives provide an unequalled perspective on homeschooling's history, and a valuable collection of articles and columns on the topics homeschooling parents want their children to learn: reading, writing, math, history, science, nature, the arts, travel, world culture, socialization, technology and more. Selected articles and columns from 1997 through 2009 are currently online and available free, and we are working to digitize and move all of our content - from 1984 through 2009 - into our online archives for access with paid subscriptions. We welcome your comments and opinions as we work to develop this foundational archive of homeschooling's history.


Home Education Magazine is still owned and published by founders Mark and Helen Hegener and their third-generation homeschooling family. We understand homeschooling because we have always been homeschoolers. In 1983 we began publishing Home Education Magazine for homeschooling families across the country, and now, over twenty-five years later, HEM is respected as the premier magazine in the field of homeschooling publications, described as "informative and commonsense" by Library Journal's Magazines for Libraries and "highly recommended" by EBSCO's Librarian's Handbook. Professional recognition includes: Forbes Best Homeschooling Site, Parents' Choice Recommended Magazine, American Homeschool Association Recommended Homeschooling Magazine, Parents' Choice Gold, and many other awards.

We are justifiably proud of what we've accomplished in the last quarter-century, and we look forward to serving and supporting homeschooling families for many more years.

HEM on the Internet

One of the earliest homeschool companies on the Internet, Home Education Magazine has had a respected online presence since 1997. Beginning with one of the very first Internet communities, Home Education Magazine's America Online Homeschooling Forum, HEM has contributed immeasurable support to the growth and development of the greater online homeschooling community. Today HEM continues to support, advocate, and advance homeschooling through the newest technological media such as Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Reddit,, Digg, and other social networking tools.

HEM Weblogs

HEM Editor's Blog
The editors and publishers of Home Education Magazine, Mark and Helen Hegener, share their 25+ years of experience and perspective in the editorial weblog. Continuing discussion of posts through reader comments and exploration of the issues is encouraged and appreciated.

HEM News & Commentary
HEM's News and Commentary weblog covers news items and articles about homeschooling and issues which affect homeschooling families, with helpful analysis and commentary by experienced and knowledgable HEM staff and associates.

HEM Guide to Homeschooling Resources
The HEM Resources weblog offers a broad selection of learning resources reviewed and described by resource editor Mary Nix, with comments by homeschoolers who use the resources, and links to the company web sites.

HEM's Closer Look
HEM Takes a Closer Look provides an in-depth exploration of resource subjects for homeschooling families, drawing on HEM's reviews and articles, but also adding new content with links to further information on the selected topics.

What people are saying about Home Education Magazine

If I had to choose only one homeschool magazine to read, this would be it!
- Jean Reed, author of The Home School Source Book (Brook Farm Books)

Some of the best and most thoughtful writing on homeschooling can be found in Home Education Magazine.
- Ann Lahrson, Homeschooling in Oregon

Absolutely the best homeschooling magazine being published today!
-Pam Hartley, Homeschooling mom, California

The most in-depth, well-balanced look at homeschooling available anywhere. The most widely read magazine on homeschooling, with comprehensive coverage of philosophical issues within this rapidly growing movement. Highly recommended.
- EBSCO's Librarian's Handbook

Articles, news, resources and reviews for home schooling families. Informative and commonsense in tone. In addition to resources, book reviews, and letters from readers (especially helpful in this field), it offers activities and project ideas for youngsters. Home Education Magazine will be of interest to libraries seeking information sources on homeschooling.
- Library Journal's Magazines for Libraries

My kid is only 2 so I don't know yet if I am a "homeschooler" but you're my favorite parenting mag - thanks!
- SC, California Mom

I love HEM and have been subscribing since only a few months after I started my homeschool journey, about 7 years now. And it is always worth it. I can't wait for each issue to come, and read them through a few times, and save them for reference or pass them on to others. I know you've heard this before. Yours is such a great magazine.
- Athena

The magazine is great and I can't wait for the next issue. I will be telling my home school association about it too.
- JM, Oregon

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