Home Education Magazine publisher Helen Hegener is a defendant in a lawsuit which was filed against her by Mimi Rothschild, Howard Mandel, and Learning by Grace, Inc. in late fall of last year, based on a short news item which appeared at the Home Education Magazine website in August, 2010.

The News & Commentary post commented on and directed readers to information about a lawsuit which was filed against Heather Idoni, a homeschooling mother, originator of HomeschoolingBOYS and owner of Beloved Books (home of the Sugar Creek Gang audio series). Heather is also a popular and respected speaker at conferences, edits The Homeschooler’s Notebook, and also manages EasyFunSchool as well as several other websites and homeschooling email groups.

Mimi Rothschild, Howard Mandel, and Learning by Grace, Inc. filed the original lawsuit against Heather in May, 2010. On November 2, 2010, because she linked to and commented on the lawsuit, HEM publisher Helen Hegener was added to the pre-existing lawsuit. Information about the plaintiffs, Mimi Rothschild, Howard Mandel, and Learning by Grace, Inc., was presented in this 2008 editorial: Mimi Rothschild: Taking Over Homeschooling?

At this time we are seeking factual, first-hand support from anyone who may have information relevant to the issues raised in this lawsuit. You can respond in the comments below this post, via our online contact form, or via email to Helen Hegener.

As part of Home Education Magazine’s 28-year-long commitment to keeping the homeschool community informed, the court files and information on Learning By Grace, Inc. et al. v. Idoni are presented at this case-specific web page.

Comments on the case are welcome, but Learning By Grace, Inc., et al. v. Idoni is an active defamation suit. Be truthful, respectful and please do not spam.

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2 Responses to “Seeking Information re Lawsuit”

  1. Sandi Chelan says:

    As I began homeschooling my now adult daughter in 1997, Home Education Magazine and its website and forums were sources of reliable information and support. Many years later I can say without hesitation that HEM has always been the most important resource for educating myself about homeschooling. This is so because I came to trust the integrity of the editorial leadership reflected in reporting and forum discussions that are always informative and educational in spirit and content.

    Curiosity, tending to day to day matters, adventures in the world, explorations natural and creative, philosophical journeys, treks through the political landscape, holding home and hearth together while living and learning as a family; these are the things that come to mind when I think about HEM. I treasure the many years of passionate discussion, generous sharing of information and advice, and all of those wonderful, reflective, articles on the art and science of living and learning.

    I greatly admire HEM for its journalistic integrity. It is hard to imagine any grounds for the Learning By Grace lawsuit.

    Sandi Chelan

    • Sandi Chelan says:

      My point, which may have been lost in my reverie:

      Anything I read in HEM forums about Learning By Grace, and there really wasn’t much, was in the overall context of learning about and reporting on issues that are of interest to homeschoolers.

      Sandi Chelan

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