The May-June 2011 issue features an interview with Kate Fridkis, a grown unschooler who writes for The Huffington Post, and blogs at Eat the Damn Cake. Kate will be joining the HEM staff as a columnist with our July-August issue!

From the interview with Kate: “My family. Y’know, they’re weird and normal and opinionated and funny. I have two younger brothers who I brag about a lot and two parents who I call immediately anytime anything interesting happens in my life and also sometimes when I’m bored. Describing my childhood is hard for me, because my days weren’t structured the way kids days usually are.

Kate Fridkis, unschooler, blogger

When I think about growing up, I remember this little stream in the woods, and this stick I found that looked like a spear, and how I could spend hours out there, accumulating ticks and pretending that I was a rugged explorer. My mom was interested in everything. Everything was fascinating and informative. We’d go on walks and learn to identify the edible plants and all the trees and the birds by their song. She was much better at it than we were, but we could pick out a chickadee no problem.”

Articles and columns in this issue are described on the issue index page, with several available to read free online! Check out this issue online and subscribe to support the magazine that’s been supporting homeschooling families since 1984!

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