The May-June 2011 issue includes an interview with writer and grown unschooler Kate Fridkis, who recently received her Master’s degree from Columbia, writes for The Huffington Post, and blogs at Eat the Damn Cake about body image, unschooling, and being a young woman in the city.

Also in this issue: Lyn Riverstone describes how to help children develop a habit of asking good questions as a means for improving their mathematics learning and confidence. The homeschooling mother of an aspiring ballerina shares what is integrally more important to our children’s success than a parent’s boundless ambition. Lisa Wainwright shows how children learn life skills and academics through participating in science fairs. Eva-Maria Swidler argues that bringing children out of schools and back into public space will benefit communities, too. Pamela Jorrick explains how CreekSchooling works for her family, and unschooling mom Tracy Million Simmons reviews the flow of a season’s historical studies and how it all started with a comic book about Wonder Woman.

Also our regular writers:
Linda Dobson, David Albert, Rebecca Rupp, Larry and Susan Kaseman, Laura Weldon, Tami Orr and Mark and Helen Hegener. Check it out and read free articles and columns online!

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