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Child Protective Services and Educational Neglect

I received a call from our county child protective service saying we had been reported as neglecting our 6 and 9 year old children. I asked exactly what kind of neglect. I was told that it wasn’t physical and that the person reporting us gave “significant detail” about “educational neglect.” The county social worker said she wasn’t permitted by law to tell us who called. An investigation will be opened. Although the social worker was nice and seemed to think it was a nuisance call, you can imagine how upset we are. If anyone has gone through this I’d like to know how they handled it. - Amber V.

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3 Responses to “Child Protective Services - Q&A May-June 2011”

  1. LK says:

    I’m surprised you got a call. Usually they just show up at your door. Just have everything ready. Play the perfect parent. Clean the house.


  2. Advocate says:

    I would insist it be DROPPED and here are some resources:

    There are advocates in many states who might help you — as well as many homeschooling organizations- but this is highly risky for the children’s safety and well-being.

    Yes, it’s unusual to get a phone call first (good) and yes have your paperwork ready. But I’d suggest you have an out-of-state relative take the children for a while and meet the worker at her office, not at your home — and take someone else and a tape recorder and notepad. Unless you can get it called off somehow.

    They can and have removed children from their homes based on fabrications by the social workers. They are known to lie. Mostly it depends if they like you.

    If you talk to them, be calm and smile. Insecurity is seen as a sign of guilt. If everything goes right, no matter what you do (or do not do) this goes on your record as a “contact” with them and they save those up and use them as “evidence” later if they want to take the kids away for some other reason whether valid or not. They then can say they have been called to your home _X_ times - you see that in the news. It could be Johnny had his shoe off but once in the system, it’s a “contact.”

    Yes, most of that is illegal. No, I’m not exaggerating or kidding. I am working on my Ph.D. and connected with concerned professionals across the U.S. and elsewhere, and studying to write a dissertation on such things. Yes some upset people on the web seem to go overboard. Unfortunately, most of them are traumatized by losing their kids or by being grandparents who the state will not let to see or care for the children.

    Some SW’s are nice. But it’s their job to be paid to remove children and get them put up for adoption as soon as possible. I kid you not. See the testimony of WA Rep. Ruth Kagi from July 2010:

    http://democrats.waysandmeans......wsID=11293 (or) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQ0RoVuyNRk

    She says - no funding for the laws to keep a family together.

    see also kidjacked.com

    Look up the educational truancy laws in your state because it may keep this at bay while you figure it out. If you are in WA state I’d write a letter that truancy is not legally a child welfare agency issue but must be pursued by the school district (under BECCA but they have NOT seen any problem) and I’d insist it be dropped.

    You can call the Pacific Justice Institute or other legal agency in your area. 

    The potential of trauma for the children is too great to take any chances, so research homeschooling, and truancy, and CPS in your state and maybe get a teacher evaluation — and do your best. There is right now a U.S. Supreme Court case under consideration over how children are treated and another longstanding case was won here in civil court this month by a former foster child.




    Since you did not mention your method of education, you may have additional hoops to jump through. Get ahold of your homeschool support organization to help review your compliance.

    Good luck.


    (Camreta v. Greene, 588 F.3d 1011 (2009). Retrieved from http://www.ca9.uscourts.gov/da.....-35333.pdf)

  3. Amber says:

    Please get call or contact HSLDA Homeschool Legal Defense Association.
    They have helped ALOT of homeschooling familys throught the same problems.
    They are a great resource! Good luck and your in my prayers that this is
    quickly resolved!

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