Defining unschooling is a little like describing a color, and every bit as elusive. You can rely on commonly-held descriptions; for example, we generally all agree on what blue looks like, but what about cobalt, aqua, navy, cyan, sapphire, azure, indigo, cerulean, turquoise or cornflower? It’s the same with unschooling. There’s a generally accepted definition, but then there are all these wonderful variations…

Unschooling embraces a broad spectrum of learning, and trying to describe and define it has resulted in some of the most colorful and interesting writings on the web. Our Closer Look at Unschooling shares highlights from some of our favorite articles, resources, websites and more on unschooling!

Also: Don’t miss Unschooling, by Helen Hegener, the editorial from the current Jan-Feb, 2011 issue. Subscribe today and read every issue of the premier magazine for unschooling families.

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2 Responses to “What is Unschooling?”

  1. Janet from Creative Writing says:

    All of the articles listed offer fascinating reading and much to think about! I recommend that parents bookmark the list and make a point to read an article a day, highlighting food for thought. You might just find that kernal of an a idea that will change or chaalenge your teaching! I know I have! Thanks for the list!

  2. Edith says:

    Unschooling for me, means “not to impose, not to prohibit”. In french, it sounds better. Not sure that is the right translation, but I mean that, as a parent, I have never to say no and never to force my children to do something.

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