Home Education Magazine publisher Helen Hegener is a defendant in a lawsuit which was filed against her by Mimi Rothschild, Howard Mandel, and Learning by Grace, Inc. in late fall of last year, based on a short news item which appeared at the Home Education Magazine website in August, 2010.

The News & Commentary post commented on and directed readers to information about a lawsuit which was filed against Heather Idoni, a homeschooling mother, originator of HomeschoolingBOYS and owner of Beloved Books (home of the Sugar Creek Gang audio series). Heather is also a popular and respected speaker at conferences, edits The Homeschooler’s Notebook, and also manages EasyFunSchool as well as several other websites and homeschooling email groups.

Mimi Rothschild, Howard Mandel, and Learning by Grace, Inc. filed the original lawsuit against Heather in May, 2010. On November 2, 2010, because she linked to and commented on the lawsuit, HEM publisher Helen Hegener was added to the pre-existing lawsuit. Information about the plaintiffs, Mimi Rothschild, Howard Mandel, and Learning by Grace, Inc., was presented in this 2008 editorial: Mimi Rothschild: Taking Over Homeschooling?

At this time we are seeking factual, first-hand support from anyone who may have information relevant to the issues raised in this lawsuit. You can respond in the comments below this post, via our online contact form, or via email to Helen Hegener.

As part of Home Education Magazine’s 28-year-long commitment to keeping the homeschool community informed, the court files and information on Learning By Grace, Inc. et al. v. Idoni are presented at this case-specific web page.

Comments on the case are welcome, but Learning By Grace, Inc., et al. v. Idoni is an active defamation suit. Be truthful, respectful and please do not spam.

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The May-June 2011 issue includes an interview with writer and grown unschooler Kate Fridkis, who recently received her Master’s degree from Columbia, writes for The Huffington Post, and blogs at Eat the Damn Cake about body image, unschooling, and being a young woman in the city.

Also in this issue: Lyn Riverstone describes how to help children develop a habit of asking good questions as a means for improving their mathematics learning and confidence. The homeschooling mother of an aspiring ballerina shares what is integrally more important to our children’s success than a parent’s boundless ambition. Lisa Wainwright shows how children learn life skills and academics through participating in science fairs. Eva-Maria Swidler argues that bringing children out of schools and back into public space will benefit communities, too. Pamela Jorrick explains how CreekSchooling works for her family, and unschooling mom Tracy Million Simmons reviews the flow of a season’s historical studies and how it all started with a comic book about Wonder Woman.

Also our regular writers:
Linda Dobson, David Albert, Rebecca Rupp, Larry and Susan Kaseman, Laura Weldon, Tami Orr and Mark and Helen Hegener. Check it out and read free articles and columns online!

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The May-June 2011 issue features an interview with Kate Fridkis, a grown unschooler who writes for The Huffington Post, and blogs at Eat the Damn Cake. Kate will be joining the HEM staff as a columnist with our July-August issue!

From the interview with Kate: “My family. Y’know, they’re weird and normal and opinionated and funny. I have two younger brothers who I brag about a lot and two parents who I call immediately anytime anything interesting happens in my life and also sometimes when I’m bored. Describing my childhood is hard for me, because my days weren’t structured the way kids days usually are.

Kate Fridkis, unschooler, blogger

When I think about growing up, I remember this little stream in the woods, and this stick I found that looked like a spear, and how I could spend hours out there, accumulating ticks and pretending that I was a rugged explorer. My mom was interested in everything. Everything was fascinating and informative. We’d go on walks and learn to identify the edible plants and all the trees and the birds by their song. She was much better at it than we were, but we could pick out a chickadee no problem.”

Articles and columns in this issue are described on the issue index page, with several available to read free online! Check out this issue online and subscribe to support the magazine that’s been supporting homeschooling families since 1984!

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HEM’s Questions & Answers - July-August 2011

Socialization for Special Needs Child

I am heartsick. We’ve effectively been banned from the large homeschool activity group we belong to. They’ve instituted ‘behavior guidelines’ which are designed to restrict membership to normal children. I have a neurologically healthy daughter and a son with Aspberger’s. We’ve tried going to group events with a special needs homeschool group and didn’t find it a good fit. Please help! -Ashley

Your responses must meet our deadline of June 15th, 2011. Please recognize that your submission may be edited for length or clarity. Indicate how you prefer your question or answer signed.

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HEM’s Questions & Answers - July-August 2011

Suited for Unschooling?

My husband and I always planned to unschool when we had kids, but now that I’m a new mother I don’t know if I’m suited for it. Everything I read talks about lively group events and getting out to do things. I am a shy person. I work at home as a fiber artist every spare minute. Philosophically I believe in unschooling but maybe the kind of person I am is unsuited to providing the energized environment my son will need to flourish. How do shy, preoccupied unschooling parents do this? -Maggie

Your responses must meet our deadline of June 15th, 2011. Please recognize that your submission may be edited for length or clarity. Indicate how you prefer your question or answer signed.

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The March-April 2011 issue of Home Education Magazine includes an interview with Dr. Thomas Armstrong, author of “In Their Own Way,” “The Myth of the A.D.D. Child,” and other books and videos. An in-depth discussion of the practice of labeling children, learning disabilities, and more. Also in this issue you’ll find several feature articles on a wide variety of topics, including Growing Gardeners, by Caroline Kiberd; Homeschooling and Divorce, by Jennifer Fink; and policies that impact at-home parents, by Jeanne Faulconer. Also: columns by our regular writers on subjects such as homeschooling dads (David Albert), the gift of generosity (Tami Orr), developmental disabilities (Laura Weldon), post-homeschooling decisions (Laura Weldon), women’s history (Rebecca Rupp), tax credits for homeschoolers (Larry and Susan Kaseman), and “The Moms Who Grew Homeschooling” (Linda Dobson).

Read the selected columns free online at the highlighted links above, and subscribe to Home Education Magazine for thoughtful reading in every issue!

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